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Colony Rush – Game Description

Life has become dull and pointless on Earth. Food is plentiful, people are prosperous, and the nations are at peace. Bored and seeking purpose, individuals seek another planet for colonization, another land where adventure, discovery, and risk can occur. Once this new world has been found, portals transfer the new colonists to your chosen location–the rainforest, the desert, or even a land that looks fairly similar to your old home. Grow your colony, keep your new colonists safe from mysterious beasts, and create a new history for all of mankind.


Alien landscape, mineral shard, miner unit, and command center


Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 10.54.04 AM
Hydroponics Farm
Spaceship 2
Command Center







User Interface in action
Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.41.44 AM
Power Plant







Colony Portal












Kickstarter Launch — September 1, 2015

Platforms — Desktop,

About Us

Local company Reactuate Games will release the first demo of their video game, Colony Rush, September 2015 as part of their Kickstarter campaign. The launch will come after an intense three-month startup by the company, who won ACU’s Springboard Ideas Challenge and $20,000 last spring. Game developers include Abilene college students and recent grads.

Ron Davis, CEO and founder, formed a team of young talent in hopes to create this online video game and share it with others because he believes, “Games are the narrative of our age.” The Reactuate team is documenting the game’s development, as well as the new company’s trials and errors. They are also live streaming their meetings and interacting with supporters through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Reactuate Games’ mission is to build a strong community around its game by September and then gain crowdfunding support when the demo is officially launched. With the fans’ help, the company will further develop the game, push it into the larger gaming world, and be the first successful video game company in Abilene.

Contact Us

Stephanie Whitlow, Marketing Producer

500 Chestnut, Ste. 1509

Abilene, Texas 79605



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