Jobs FAQ

Here are a few questions related to the Summer Launch Jobs I think people would like the answers to before applying.

Applications are due by May 1, 2015

Is this an internship?

No. This is a full time job that will hopefully continue forever. It is with a startup company, so their a no guarantees but the plan is to keep going after the summer is over.

Oh, so if I’m a student I can’t go back to school after the summer?

I’m working closely with a lot of colleges and I think the professors who are helping me find people would be a little pissed if I told you to drop out of school. We will work around your school schedule.

Do I have to be in Abilene for the job or can I work remote?

I’ve been working remote for years and am a proponent of it, but for this job you need to be in the office in Abilene. This isn’t just so you can meet face to face with your coworkers, but mainly because we’re broadcasting so much of development. We’re going to have a studio lounge where we have our daily Scrum meetings, do Q&As, play video games and just hang out while live streaming.

OK, will you pay relocation to move me there?

We are a super lean indie game company and just don’t have the resources to pay for relocation, sorry.

I’m sure the salary will make up for it. What do your positions pay?

All the Summer Launch positions are paying less than $25,000/year. Like I said we’re a super lean startup. Heck Ron’s getting paid nothing until we’re profitable.

That said Abilene is a very cheap place to live. You can get an efficiency apartment for $475, or 2 bedrooms/2 bath apartment for $680. Part of this is its college town nature and the other is Abilene real estate is cheap.

Also I should mention there are no health benefits with this job.

I think the whole Reactuate Games story sounds awesome and would totally pack everything up and move there any way, will you still interview me?

I like your spirit, we’d absolutely like to interview you. We’ll work with you to make that happen, and if you should get the job help you get here and get settled.

Hey, the paper said you promised to only hire people in Abilene!

Don’t believe everything you read. One of the reasons Reactuate Games came into being was to help local talent find jobs in the game industry in Abilene. That’s still a goal, but I think having people outside Abilene, people with a different viewpoint on the team would make it even better. And it is still creating jobs in Abilene whether those people were here before or not.

When does the job start?

May 26th. We will spend that short week doing training and start building and broadcasting June 1.

BTW We’re live streaming a lot.

Just so you know we’re going to be live streaming every day, so if you are uncomfortable with your image being on the internet, we’re probably not the company for you. This also includes live video interaction with our community, so you need to be comfortable talking to people.

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