What is Colony Rush?


Life has become dull and pointless on Earth. Food is plentiful, people are prosperous, and the nations are at peace. Bored and desiring purpose, we seek another planet for colonization, another land where adventure, discovery, and risk can occur. Once a new world has been found, portals are created to transfer qualified colonists to their chosen location–a majestic forest, a blackened desert, or even a land that seems strangely familiar.

As colony leader, you are in charge of your village on this foreign territory. Will you succeed?

Grow your colony, keep your new pioneers safe, and create a new history for all of mankind.

Colony Rush.



Who are we?

Reactuate Games is a new game company in Abilene, Texas that will share with the world the creation process and release of its online video game, as well as broadcast the startup’s development throughout an intense three-month launch. Local talent from the area makes up the company, including the founder/CEO, two digital artists, one code artist, and a marketing producer. Via social media sites like Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter, the gaming community can watch and support the company while also giving feedback or asking questions.

Follow along as we build a game, a company, and a community.



You're Almost There

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