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The End … For Now

This is the last blog post I will be writing for Reactuate Games. And while the full impact of that statement has not really hit me just yet, I am very much saddened by the thought.

For the past three and 1/2 months, I have written about this company, the game we were creating, and the people who brought it all to life. I attempted to show the world what it was like to work for a game studio, including the fun you can have (that sometimes doesn’t feel like work) and also the crappy situations that arise. We wanted to share our experiences with the viewers — share our ups and downs, share our wins and losses– because it was important for us to build a group of friends around us to trek this journey together. We always wanted to do more than just create a great game for people. We wanted to create a community.

We have strived to be completely honest with our followers. And we won’t quit now. Our Kickstarter will be canceled in the upcoming days. As a team, we have decided to end the campaign early because of insufficient funds being raised and the probability that that will not change within the next two weeks.

Crowdfunding is a tricky monster. Though we researched and prepared for the beast, we could not gain the following needed for a large project like Colony Rush to be funded.  Of course, things could have been done differently, and probably from each member of the team, but right now, honestly, we don’t want to analyze the “what-ifs.” We don’t want to go back over our trail and spot the errors.

Depressed yet?

On a much happier note, we are still excited about what we’ve accomplished on this project. The fact that the game has a real name now still makes me smile. But besides that, we’ve developed an idea into a playable, living game, that a lot of people were actually interested in — and that’s pretty awesome.

I am beyond proud of my team. I am blown away with Austin’s expertise in creating this game from scratch, using a foreign coding language and mysterious concepts. I admire Katey’s persistent faith in herself to succeed in difficult tasks. And I pray to have Ron’s courage to take a chance like this on other amazing opportunities.

Our time together was short, but it was meaningful. And I’ll be forever grateful for this adventure with Reactuate Games.