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Hosts Angel Rodriguez, professional gamer and speaker, and Stephanie Whitlow, marketing producer for Reactuate Games, discuss the ins and outs of gaming with various industry insiders and outsiders.

Ep. 5 Craig Fryar

In episode 5 of the Say Something Smart podcast, Stephanie and Angel interview Craig Fryar, head of Global Business Intelligence at The three talk about Star Wars Land, how data influences game design, and why despair is needed gaming.

Craig Fryar
Craig Fryar

Time Stamps

Star Wars Land: 0:40

Data analytics in Gaming: 4:06

Surprising gamers: 6:20

Analyzing millions of players: 8:50

Suffering, enjoyment, and despair in gaming: 10:07

Data influencing game design: 13:07

World of Warships: 16:48

Gaming past and future: 17:19

Augmented vs virtual reality: 22:23

Games affecting people: 26:46



Deep Blue (IBM)

Ready Player One

IllumiRoom Project

Earth and Beyond game

Craig’s LinkedIn

Ep. 4 Jose Sanchez

*Note: The Skype call did falter some, but we tried to edit this episode to the best of our ability.*

Angel and Stephanie interview Jose Sanchez in episode 4 of the Say Something Smart podcast. The group discusses the connection between porn and video games, community in gaming, and how city-builders can teach valuable life lessons.

Jose Sanchez

Time Stamps

Porn and Video Games: 0:44

Intro Jose Sanchez: 5:35

“Gamescapes”: 6:00

Bloom Project in London: 8:40

Games Bringing People Together: 12:16

Block’hood video game: 13:28

Future of Game Development: 19:00



Bloom Project


Journey video game

Prison Architect

Ep. 3 Dr. Brian Burton

In this episode, Dr. Brian Burton visits Angel and Stephanie to discuss the health benefits of video games, old-timey word processors, and the mistakes game developers make. Dr. Burton is an assistant professor at Abilene Christian University and teaches digital entertainment and information technology.

Dr. Brian Burton


Time Stamps

“Electronic Medicine” : 0:45

Using computers for training: 6:35

Legitimizing passion for video games: 8:02

Dr. Burton’s influences :9:47

Processors and Dyslexia: 11:55

Mobile app developers: 18:12

Attached to phones: 19:04

Future game development: 26:04

Games’ influence on us: 41:38

Mistakes of game developers: 45:09


Akili (Video Game Medicine)

The Bard’s Tale (1985 Video Game)

The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

Ep. 2 Rob Buchheit

In episode 2 of the Say Something Smart podcast series, Angel and Stephanie interview Rob Buchheit, co-founder of Nectar Game Studios. The three tackle hard topics like female realism in video games, the best virtual combat style, and having too much rhythm for DDR.

Rob Buchheit


Time Stamps

Unrealistic female video game characters:    0:40

Rob Buchheit: 5:30

Project Resurgence: 5:45

Freedom in story-driven games: 10:35

What makes a good game developer: 14:14

Turn-based vs. real-time combat: 16:25

What you should know about gamers: 26:15


References (blog/forums)

Chrono Trigger

Unrealistic Female Game Characters article

Ep. 1 Ron Davis

In this first episode of the series, Angel and Stephanie interview the Creative Mastermind of Reactuate Games, Ron Davis. We discuss the future of drug testing in professional gaming, how other mediums influenced Reactuate’s strategy-based game, Guardian, and the real definition of “gamer.”

Ron Davis, Creative Mastermind
Ron Davis, Creative Mastermind


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