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About the Team

Reactuate Games has hired its team! Get to know the crew …

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Ron Davis, President and Creative Mastermind

Ron Davis, Founder

It’s always been Ron Davis’s dream to write and create video games. With degrees in both Mass Communications and Computer Science, Ron leads Reactuate Games to becoming the first game company in Abilene, Texas. The company’s Creative Mastermind enjoys creating in general, but games are special to him. “Games are the narrative of our age,” says Ron, believing games are simply stories that people play and interact with. Games like Starcraft, the original Warcraft, and Borderlands have all made an impact on Ron. Tiny Tina from Borderlands is his favorite game character because she’s 13-years-old and blows stuff up.

Austin Graham, Code Artist

Austin Graham, Coding Artist

Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, Austin Graham originally had interests in marine biology, but upon moving to Corpus Christi, Texas, Austin’s passion for video games took over, leading him to the field study of Digital Entertainment Technology at Abilene Christian University. At a young age, Austin was intrigued by fantasy and sci-fi storytelling, The Magic Treehouse and Star Trek among his top two influences. Games like Civilization and the Zoo and Rollercoaster Tycoon series impacted Austin’s love for games, which stems from his view that games create powerful and needed escapism for players. A nice strawberry-spinach-banana smoothie refreshes him after a long day of programming.

Katey Bluel, Digital Artist

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Katey Bluel, Digital Artist

Katey Bluel has many homes–Indiana where she was born, Rowlett, Texas, where she grew up, and her new apartment in Abilene. Gaming is a family hobby for Katey as her step-dad introduced her to video games and her sisters and mother play regularly. Katey developed an early passion for art and drawing but disliked the painting and coloring techniques; this led her to drawing and creating digitally. As a student in the Digital Entertainment Technology program at Abilene Christian University, Katey hopes to use her talents as a digital artist to create games and maybe teach others about the field. Katey’s other hobbies include Netflix, playing with her puppy Peyton, and snacking on cheese quesadillas from Taco Bell.

Stephanie Whitlow, Marketing Producer and Podcast Host

Stephanie Whitlow, Marketing Producer

A native Texan, Stephanie Whitlow recently graduated from Abilene Christian University with a master’s degree in English. Though she gets sweaty-palmed playing video games, she loves the storytelling within them and the control players have to evolve the plot. When she isn’t writing and broadcasting for Reactuate Games, Stephanie enjoys competitively playing volleyball and basketball, watching the San Antonio Spurs win, and eating Mexican food. Her favorite video games include Sims, Just Dance, and Mario Party.

Angel Rodriguez, Podcast Host

Angel Rodriguez, Podcast Host
Angel Rodriguez, Podcast Host

Angel Rodriguez is currently in the U.S. Air Force but leads a fascinating double life as a game enthusiast and competitor. Angel speaks regularly to groups on how gaming can benefit communities and individuals, and he also travels the world, playing his favorite games in international tournaments. Angel knows his stuff and is an experienced gamer.