“Tesla’s Legacy: Wireless Power”-Engineering Log 5

newCameraIf you have read Stephanie’s article about Kickstarter, then you already know how much Kickstarter has been on our minds, and so I have been focusing on rather large systems than individual buildings in preparation. fullCamSince last time, I have finally finished getting colony cams into the game. Right now the cameras can be placed and deleted from the UI, and there shouldn’t be anymore problems with that. I also took a bit of time to add some simple icons to the camera panels for ease of access. The icons are as follows: center game camera on this camera’s location, move the camera to a new location, delete the camera. The delete button is the only button that works for the moment.

Green particles indicate a valid position for the tower.

In addition to the colony cams, I was able to implement a new system: power. With Katey’s power plants operational, players can now build wireless power towers (wouldn’t Tesla be proud) that send power to a certain area. powerThese power towers can only be placed next to a power plant so to help players find the location. I added a smaller particle effect around the power plant that only shows up when placing power towers. Also the visual for the power area (a yellow ring of particles) only shows up when constructing or selecting a tower so as to minimize clutter in the world. Several buildings, such as luxury housing and colony cams, require power to be built, and to get Katey’s Luxury House (aka the Shark House) built, a player must provide power.

As if getting power and the colony cam systems weren’t enough, I have also been working on a log in screen that will eventually pull data from a server to give access to a player’s colony. For the time being, we are working with an offline version. Below is the scene used for the log in screen.It is a deceptively soothing scene before the player is thrown into the chaos of managing a colony.


Currently I have the game switching back and forth from scene to scene. I am looking into what it would take to save information and what all needs to be included and what can be loaded later from data stored. Finally, I have created development builds for the team so that everyone has a working copy of the current project to play with.

We have 7 days left before Kickstarter! It’s getting crazy around the office, and we are hard at work getting everything together.

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