“The Meaning of Life” — Week Five Recap

If earth became a utopian world where progress was no longer needed, peace claimed the nations, and prosperity allowed all humans to be satisfied with life, why would you want to leave?

I asked this question last week, while writing up a game description for our press kit . I realized as I was writing that I didn’t fully believe the backstory. Why would people want to leave our planet at its pinnacle point in history?

Screenshot 2015-06-29 14.51.51
Our new world

The premise of the game (developed more in our Super Secret Game Design) revolves around the idea that people will no longer face hardships or worry about life’s circumstances or struggles– life is pretty much perfect. And yet, our game involves people wanting to discover and inhabit a new world.

So what is missing from the people’s lives back on earth?

Ron, our founder who designed the game,  says the earthlings have no sense of purpose now, and they have lost their motivation for life. Hence why they seek adventure on another mysterious planet.

Screenshot 2015-06-29 14.47.04
Sandworm that will threaten the lives of our colonists.

As pointed out to me, life can be adequate for most of us in the world today, and yet groups still travel to space on occasion or send rovers out to Mars. Why? A review of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, explained here, helped me better understand  why these futuristic beings would leave a near-heavenly place to teleport to an unknown world and face possible death.

This theory proposes the basic needs of humans — food, shelter,love, and esteem. But one important necessity will be missing from our colonists’ lives. Self-purpose. The earthlings have everything they need and want, and yet, they will be bored with their lives, merely surviving their days on a dull, predictable world with no real reason for living. Therefore, they yearn for something more. They yearn to be more.

Photo from acompli.com

Of course, most of our psychological discussion on the backstory of Guardian is not extremely relevant to gameplay. Does it matter exactly who these colonists are or when they decide to venture to another planet to rebuild mankind? Not really. But by ruminating on the psyche of our colonists, we learned more about our game and the new world we are creating.


What do you think about our backstory? Is a video game’s plot critical to game play? Let us know!


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