Code Artist

Reactuate Games is not hiring at this time.
Code Artists write the computer code that brings our games to life. Code includes not only those things written in a language like Python or C#, but logic created in development environments like Unity.


  • Create elegant, beautiful and effective code to bring the Game Design to life.
  • Conform to the Reactuate Software Coding Standard for the language code is written in.
  • Obsessive use of the Reactuate Games Source Control System.
  • Always write and document code with an eye to how someone else may have to expand, maintain or otherwise interact with it in the future.

(This is not a technical artist position, rather the name reflects that game code is an art and a science.)

To apply send your resume or a link to an up to date LinkedIn profile, as well as samples of your work to

Applications are due by May 1, 2015

You might want to check out the Jobs FAQ, especially if you are applying from outside Abilene.

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